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The Psychoogist
Oldest research method in which psychologists study one individual in great depth in hopes of revealing things true in all of us.
A statement of procedures used to define research variables
Little or no relationship - coefficient is near zero
A sample that fairly represents a population because each member has an equal chance of inclusion.
Repeating the essence of a research study, usually with different participant in different situations.
Descriptive research method involving watching and recording the behavior of organisms in their natural environment.
One set of scores increases in direct proportion to the other set of score's increase.
When surveys and naturalistic observations reveal that one trait or behavior accompanies one another.
Examining assumptions, discerning hidden values, evaluating evidence, accessing conclusions.
Self-correcting process for asking questions and observing natures answers-Psychologists arm their scientific attitude with this.
Testable predictions
Used in both descriptive and correlational studies looking at many cases in less depth.
A statistical measure of relationship.
The tendency to overestimate the extent to which others share our beliefs and behaviors.
Hardheaded curiosity-the passion to explore and understand without misleading or being mislead.
One who is willing to question any truth claim, asking for clarity in definition, consistency in logic, and adequacy of evidence.
Explains through an integrated set of principles that organizes and predicts behaviors or events.