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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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EASTER 2015 - blue team

Author: Grandma and Grandpa
The Alamo is here.
No. of electric table lamps in the house divided by no. of kitchen chairs.
A six-sided polygon.
Alex is a ______ to Hannah.
Not in.
This anagram of 38 Across is a major city in Morocco.
An Alaskan cousin.
One of the horned animals in the carousel case is this.
One of the carousel display's horned animals is a _______.
The city in 28 Down is in this continent.
There's one of the bird species in the ivory collection. What is it?
Reese blows on it.
An anagram of 17 Down.
The duck from the country in 38 Across is made out of this material.
In the picture of the clowns bowling, what day is it?
The Albee doll standing next to the hitching post is holding what in her right hand?
Reese has one of these in his room.
Artist of the paintings in the loft.
Where was Grandma born?
A picture of one's self?
John Hancock was one of the _________ of the Declaration of Independence.
No. of framed items on walls (no mirror or golf balls) divided by no. of horned animals in carousel display case.
There are two in the ivory collection. What type animal is it?
Last Sunday was _ _ _ _ Sunday.
No. of bulbs in the dining room chandelier divided by no. of TVs in house.
Where Grandma and Grandpa were married.
The kind of score that 100 is.
What material are the kitchen countertops made of?
What country did your dad go to in October 2001?
What is the product of 18 x 6 x 14 x 17 x 0 x 22?
The violin upstairs has four of them.
Hannah will be this old this month.
A bar in the bathroom.
It goes around your neck.
One of the sitting Albee dolls has something in her lap. What is it?
Not dead.
Reese is Hannah's ______.
When Hannah has a birthday.
One goes around your neck when you're bad.
From which direction is the wind blowing in the native woman's picture in the dining room?
What is the animal that is black and white in the Christmas figurine case? There are two of them.
How many balusters can you see from the living room? What is the remainder if this number is divided by the number of bears in the ivory collection in the sun room?
What are the two things on the front of the sleigh being pushed by the Albee doll?