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Plant and Animal Cell Crossword

I'm only found in a animal cell and I store Enzymes that help digest things.
I'm the thing that allows things to pass in and out of the cell.
I'm a series of tubles near nucleus, I transport the proteins made in the Ribosomes to where they are needed.
I'm found in the Cytoplasm on the Endoplasmic Reticulm, I create proteins from Amino Acid
I am bubbles of liquid found in the Cytoplasm. I also hold some Enzymes, but mostly i'm made of liquid.
I'm a rigid layer of cellulose outside the Cell Membrane, also, I am only found in Plant Cells, and I protect and shape the Plant Cell.
I'm a gel like substance inside the cell, My job is to hold the organelles in place to the don't bump into each other.
I am a oval shaped organelle that holds chlorophyll, I make food for the Plant Cell through photosynthesis by capturing sunlight.
I'm the powerhouse of the cell.
Specialized structures within a living cell.(Tiny Organs)
I'm a circle in the of the cell,I control the activities and hold genetic material.