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Chapter 2 Culture and Communication

This culture values aggression, material success, and strength
These cultures try to avoid uncertainty
Seeing others and their behaviors through your own cultural filters
This culture values modesty, concern for relationships, and the quality of life
An Identification with and acceptance of your cultures teaching
Most of the information is explicitly stated in the verbal message
Refers to the socially constructed roles and behaviors that society deems appropriate for males and females
This orientation promotes the in portance of future rewards
Specialized elements of the lifestyle of a group of people
Refers to the biological and physiological qualities that characterize men and women; determined by genes
These cultures don't feel threatened
Learning a culture into which you are born into
Learning the roles and norms of a culture different from your native culture
Promote the importance of the past rather than the present
This type of culture teaches member the importance of group values such as benevolence, tradition, and conformity
Values and beliefs from another culture becoming part of their own
Power concentrated in the hands of few
Much of the information in communication is in the context or in the person
Power distributed evenly among citizens