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Cell Review

All living things can make more of themselves, or they __
Roundish in shape
Jelly-like material that holds the organelles in place
Gives strength and structure to the cell
Transports items throughout the cell
Powerhouse of the cell
In a plant cell, acts as a barrier
All living things increase in size or mass, or they __
Like the brain of the cell--controls everything
All living things are made up of these
Collects, sorts, sends items to different parts o the cell--like UPS
All living things respond to the external __
The hereditary material found in the largest organelle of the animal cell
Breaks down materials in the cell for later use
The skin of the cell
The largest organelle in the plant cell
Squarish in shape
Makes protein
Takes light from the sun and turns it into energy
This it like the pantry in the kitchen--it stores things