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A natural satellite of earth, made visible by the sunight it relfects
A semisolid mass of rock about 1800 miles thick surrounding the outer core
Fronts formed where warm and cold fronts meet
Winds in the temperate zones that tend to blow from west to east
An area in the center of the earth made of melted iron and nickel and extending about 800 miles from the earth's center
The dampness of the air
One of the four equal natural divisions of the year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each begins when the sun passes through the corresponding solstice or equinox
The sun and the nine planets that move in fixed paths around the sun
Air mass that originates at the poles and is normally cold
The complete turning about as a result of motion
An air mass that originates over the oceans and is usually very moist
An area surrounding the inner core and nearly 1,400 miles thick; it is slightly cooler than the inner core but in a molten state
The period when the tidal current has stopped
A large solid or gaseous body that moves around the sun
The rise and fall of the water level in the oceans caused by the force of gravity of the moon
Winds in the polar regions that tend to flow from east to west
The flow of water in the ocean at definite speed and direction
The study of the atmosphere and its effects on weather
The outermost layer of the atmosphere, extending from the top of the stratosphere to about 500 miles above the earth's surface
The closed path, in space, of a celestial body around another body