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A pattern of crossing lines usually arranged in parallel sets
A large area of land covered by a dense growth of trees
Imaginary lines that measure distance perpendicular to latitudes and divide the earth into units east and west of Greenwich, England
The point where the change is made from one day to another and is halfway around the world from the prime meridian; it is located at the 180th meridian
An elevated part of the earth's surface, not as big as a mountain, that has sides that slope away in all directions
A large group of islands
The distance north or south of the equator measured as the angle between the radius from the center of the earth to a point on its surface and the radius that intersects the equator and meridian on which the point lies
A waterway that is completely or partly manmade and used for irrigation, drainage, or navigation
The height measured from a reference point, such as sea level
Regions that generally receive fewer than 10 inches of rain a year
Hill and mountain regions
A large part of a sea or ocean that is partly surrounded by land
Any of the seven main land masses of the earth
Imaginary lines that divide the earth into units and are measured in degrees north or south of the equator
A triangular mass of sand, mud, and earth that collects at the mouth of a river
The general or average weather conditions of a region
The time determined by the position of the sun in reference to Greenwich, England
A piece of land, smaller than a continent, that is surrounded by land
A circle drawn on a sphere so that its diameter passes through the center of the sphere
A body of water partly surrounded by land that has a large opening to a sea or ocean