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Hilchos Pesach review

Teacher: Rabbi Medetsky
Many have the minhag to go here on erev yom tov
We use our nicest dishes to symbolize our ___________.
__________ chometz, done night of 14th after tzeis hakochavim
Have this is mind when making ha'adoma on the karpas
Praises are sung to Hashem over the 4th cup of wine
First bracha made by motzei matzah
Must keep ______ at the seder because the mitzvah is to tell them the story
Hands are washed with a bracha
If one talks between hamotzei and koreich, it could be considered a __________
When said by kiddush, one should have in mind all mitzvos of the night
_________ hakochavim, earliest time to make kiddush at the seder
Recited immediately after the 4th cup
An egg is eaten at the seder to remember this, and to symbolize mourning
There is a machlokes if one is yotzei if he eats the afikomin while he is __________.
We lean during the seder except by Marror and _________
Nothing is eaten after this so that its taste will remain in your mouth
Assur to eat on erev pesach, but some don't eat it starting on purim
Matzah is called lechem _____ because it is what poor people eat
Recited during Hallel at the seder, together with yishtabach, az yashir, etc.
Married men wear this at the seder, but not as a sign of freedom
When 4th cup is filled, another is poured to welcome ________ hanavi
Part of seder where zecher l'mikdash k'Hillel is recited
________ must read the haggadah because they were redeemed as well
On Friday nights, yom hashishi vayechulu is added to __________.
This person must fast on erev pesach unless he attends a siyum, or feels it will prevent him from doing mitzos properly
One should speak about yitziyas mitzrayim even after the ________
We cover the matzah when we lift the cup so that we don't __________ them
The becher used must hold at least a ________.
If i don't eat matzah or marror before _________, no bracha is said
__________ orech, festive meal
Middle matzah is broken, bigger part put away for afikomin
Those who follow the minhag of this sage make a bracha by urchatz
Bentching is recited over the 3rd cup of wine
Together with matzah and marror, makes up the koreich sandwich
The best thing to use to see during b'dikas chometz
Last part of seder, included chad gadya
Afikomin is eaten
Nothing __________ is eaten on the seder night, because we have no replacement for the korban pesach
When each of the 10 ________ is recited, we remove a little wine from our cups
________ chometz can be done by burning, crumbling it up and scattering it, or throwing into the river.
Direction one must lean to the seder