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Cell Types and Organelles

Take a screenshot and submit on classroom when done!
Organisms that exist as a single cell and live independently are known to be _____________.
This organelle converts food into energy that powers an animal cell. Think of what sleep does for your body.
This organelle is responsible for the chemical reaction that transforms light energy into glucose (sugar). Let there be light!
This organelle packages and transports molecules like protein and lipids inside and outside of the cell. Think FedEx Truck!
One major type of cell that does not have a nucleus. Pac-Man is getting attacked!
One major type of cell that is very complex. Think Krusty Krab!
Eukaryotic cells function differently in order to keep this type of organism alive
Fluid-containing organelle which regulates or controls what enters or exits the cell. Think water balloons!
Organelle that makes or synthesizes proteins. Think of a cook stirring up some grub!
This organelle gives plants their structure, acts like a skeleton, and forms the tough outer layer of a plant cell. Stack one arm on top the other in front of you!