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Chapter 2 Psychology Vocab

Chapter 3 Vocabulary
The wrinkled surface area (gray matter) of the cerebum
Groups whose members obtain the treatment
A neuron that transmits a neural impulse from a sensory neuron to a motor neuron
A disruption in the ability to understand or produce language
The lobe of the cerebral cortex that lies in front of the central fissure
A measure of an assumed effect of an independent variable
A neurotransmitter that controls muscle contractions
The brain and spinal cord
A part of the hindbrain involved in muscle coordination and balance
A thick fiber bundle that connects the hemisphere of the cortex
To reduce the resting potential of a cell membrane from about- 70 millivolts towards zero
To go to the general from a particular, to draw a conclusion
A science that obtains evidence by experience or experimentation
A pituitary hormone that regulates growth
An injury that transmits a neural impulse from a sensory neuron to a motor neuron.
To elicit information about a completed procedure
The language disorder characterized by slow, laborious speech
Having two modes
A bogus treatment that has the appearance of being genuine
The large mass of the forebrain, which consists of two hemisphere