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The Constitution Chapter 1 Section 5

The _____ lists the basic rules for the national Government
The 1st amendment of the Constitution gives its citizens freedom of ________
In the USA, the people are the _________ rulers
The Constitution set up a _______ government for the USA.
The letter that the USA wrote to the king/queen of Great Britain is called _____ _____ ______
In the USA, the Federal Government and the states ________ power
In the Government ruled by popular sovereignty, the _____ elect representatives to speak for them
The Constitution explains that the _______ is made by people and for the people
Judicial Review is the power to decide if laws are:
Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress did not have enough _________ to do its job.
Each branch has a way to ________, or limit, the other branches.
The Government is set up so that no branch can ________ the other branches