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Teacher: M.Ramirez
Tiny projections that add to the surface area of roots
Regulate water loss and photosynthesis by opening and closing the stomata
The function of leaves
The broad, flat part of the leaf
A thin stalk that connects the leaf to the stem
Provide support to flowers and leaves as well as store food and water
The strongest cells that are rigid and form the supportive tissue
Reproductive structure for angiosperm
Long, thick vertical root with smaller branches
Flexible cells used to form supportive tissue
Female structure of the flower
The function of flowers
Pores in the cuticle of the leaf where gas is exchanged
Transports water and dissolved minerals throughout the plant
Covers the outside of the plant to protect it
The stalk that supports the anther
Fine branches of root that are almost the same size
Anchor the plant and absorb water and minerals
Tissue that makes up the inside of a plant
Hair-like cells that project from the surface and help the plants by secreting a toxic substance that most likely protects against herbivorous insects
Male structure of the flower
Small cone of cells that protects the growing parts of the root
The center of the root
Produce pollen grains that contain the sperm
Transports nutrients (food) throughout the plant
Store starch, oils and water
Transports water, minerals and nutrient to all parts of the plant
Collect sunlight for photosynthesis
The tip of the carpel that is sticky
The base of the flower where eggs are formed