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Games, toys, arts, media, holidays, festivals
Values, traditions, ethnicity, customs, religions, morals
A essential part of the south African traditional dance telling the story of a basic battle with the British in the 1800's
The concrete and tangible objects of a culture
Subculture deliberately and consciously opposed to certain central beliefs or attitudes of the dominant culture.
Brings together people who share an interest in guns and the right to own them.
General culture traits that exist in all cultures
Culture guidelines that group members claim to accept
Words, expressions, pronunciations, alphabet, symbols
Actual behavior patterns of members of a group
Trades, tool, technology, jobs, gods and services.
Communities, geography, geology, habitat, wildlife
Groupings of persons who share a social characteristic
Family, government, education, religion, economy.
The ways in which a culture expresses universal traits
Ideas knowledge and beliefs that influence peoples behavior
Literature, dance, theater, music, crafts, folk tales
Judging others in terms of one's own cultural standards.
A group that is a part of the dominant culture but that differs from it in some important respects
Making it to class after the bell rings and the door is closed
Ideas about the nature of reality