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Science Crossword Puzzle

Horizontal stem above the ground
This release of the ova
Where the vagina and the uterus meet
Inner wall of the uterus
Tube leading from the uterus to the outside
The genetic makeup of an organism
Often called the father of genetics
Hormone released by the testes
Also called the oviducts
First cells of a new organism
Pea sized produces a clear slippery fluid
The observed traits of an organism
A hormone released by the ovaries
Parent divides into two unequal parts
Bud or stem permanently attached to another stem
Holds urine
Two glands which produce sperm
Long coiled tube
Tube which connects the testes to the urethra
A different form of gene
A region of DNA
Small organs on the end of the fallopian tubes
When a male and female parts are in a flower
External reproductive organ
Female part of a flower
Able to regrow lost parts
Male part of a flower
Walnut sized contributes auditioned fluid
Occurs about halfway through a woman's cycle
A sac that holds the testes
A single circular chromosome
A hollow fist sized tube
Enlarged part of an underground stem