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Sort 32 - Latin Roots

Teacher: Jamie
A way out (noun), or go out of (or leave) a place (verb)
To remove or take out
To take away the value or worth of someone or something
Drawing or pulling something over a surface (or getting a grip on the ground)
To suddenly burst of break.
What you show when feelings 'move out' of you.
Give reasons to keep someone (or yourself) to keep going, not give up and keep moving forward to achieve their goals.
Meaning 'to draw or pull'
To move forward in a threatening way
Meaning 'to break'
Literally 'to break in between' - like a meeting or conversation
To move forward
To draw away someones attention to something
To (temporarily) move off the main subject
A powerful vehicle that hauls machinery (usually over fields)
To draw or pull someone towards you
Meaning 'to move'
Interrupt what is happening by causing a problem
A powerful vehicle for pulling trains - or relating to movement,
To move someone forward (like in their job or importance)
To do something beyond what is normally acceptable
When a volcano breaks out of the earth.
To go backward (to how it was earlier)
Computer symbols to show emotions
To move someone backwards (like in their job or importance)
Sudden and unexpected (or being so brief with someone you are almost rude)
Meaning 'to go'