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Climate, Soil, & Vegetation

Teacher: Jenn Labelle
Broken down by erosion to begin soil production
On a climate graph the line graph represents a climate station's:
Type of location generally located along the coast
Brings the characteristics of temperature and moisture from wherever it has been
Refers to the distance from the equator
On a climate graph the bar graph represents a climate station's:
Rich in organic materials
Grown without human interference
Day-to-day characteristics of atmospheric conditions
Type of location generally located inland
Warm ocean current
Cold ocean current
Overall pattern of weather
Types of trees that lose their leaves and need warmer temperatures and rain
Proximity to large bodies of water affects the amount of _____ a region gets.
Difference between the highest temperature and lowest temperature of a climate station
Type of zone that shows the gradual change in natural vegetation
Rich in nutrients, dark in colour
Occurs in drier climates where nutrients are pulled upwards and evaporated
When nutrients are pulled downwards, out of reach from the plant roots
The amount of direct sunlight a region receives depends on it's:
Layer consisting of a combination of nutrients and minerals
Types of trees that can withstand colder temperature and snow
Type of climate located in the far north of Canada
Climate factor that causes cooling as you go higher