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Chapter 8 Vocab

Tthe degree to which there are sufficient funds to accomplish the objectives
Jjoining forces with one or more other interest groups that can influence board votes
Boards that have the tendency to become overly involved in the day-to-day operations of the district
Tthe decision-making process, the reasoning, and the output are open to the public and freely available
Ccontracting with outside companies to provide services such as cleaning buildings, driving school buses, or accounting
Sstatements or guidelines that identify a goal or vision but leave open the means for achieving the desired end
Sschool officials taking responsibility and being held responsible for student learning and the effective and efficient use of public resources
Iinvolvement of the federal government in making decisions about education for the whole nation
Tteachers follow students to next grade
Tthe process and administration of managing an organization for the purpose of making decisions and implementing actions