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Physics Review

Teacher: Nathan Kirkley
Most dangerous type of electromagentic radiation that has the shortest wavelength
A machine can multiply this
Energy stored relative to position
Mirror that causes light rays to bend inwards
Changing the __________ of the movement of a rope will change the wavelength without changing the amplitude
This law states that energy is neither created nor destroyed
Current can pass through this type of circuit even if a bulb is burned out/broken
Transverse wave property when measured crest to crest, trough to trough, etc
Force that acts between any two objects
Gravity and this force keep an object in motion around another object
SI unit of current
What principle describes a planes ability to fly?
SI unit of force
Force causing freefalling objects to accelerate at 9.8m/s2
Device that changes mechanical energy to electric energy by rotating a coil of wire through a magnetic field
Energy of motion
Force that opposes an objects motion
Type of electricity that forms when a pathway through which charges can move forms suddenly
The direction and length of a straight line from starting point to ending point of an object's motion
What color is a shirt if all you see is blue?
The point at which light rays meet
Newton's third law of motion describes action and __________ forces
Static friction is usually _________ than sliding friction
Primary colors of light are, red, blue and _________
Electromagnetic waves consisting of changing electric and magnetic fields are specified as these types of waves
Law of thermodynamics that says absolute zero cannot be reached
A siren sounds different as it approaches you than when it moves away from you is know as the ______________ effect
The rate at which velocity changes
Energy from the sun reaches Earth mostly by
Full range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation is called the electromagnetic ____________
Transfer of excess charge through a conductor to earth
If this doubles, then the kinetic energy doubles
Mass x Gravity
Type of thermal energy transfer that takes place in fluids is mostly ________
A bottle opener is an example of what type of lever?
Type of current used in a battery
Image that appears to be behind a plane mirror
Type of longitudinal wave