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Science Vocabulary

A structure or feature of an organism that helps it meet a particular need in its natural habitat.
groups of similar items.
cells that contain membrane bound organelle and have chromosomes in DNA inside the nucleus This group includes all living organisms other than all types of bacteria.
- The second part of an organisms scientific name that identifies one specific organism in the genus
The kingdom that includes bacteria.
The name of the kingdom that is made up of plants.
microorganisms that are similar to bacteria in size and simple structure but different in molecular organization.
a classification system useful for storing and finding information about living things.
The name of the Kingdom that is made up of animals.
A guide used to identify an organism based on its characteristics.
a large group specifically having simple cells with rigid walls and very often a flagella for movement
The name of the kingdom of plant-like organisms that do not make their own food but take the nutrients that they need from the environment.
a microscopic single celled organism that does not have a distinct nucleus with a membrane or specialized organelles.
The first part of an organisms scientific name a group of organisms that share major characteristics and are therefore closely related.
The kingdom of Classification in which members often have traits of both plants and animals.