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Science Crossword Ch: 1, 2,& 3

Extra credit assignment Ms. Min's class
The measure of steepness of land
The thick middle layer in the solid part of Earth.
Showing a vertical slice through the rocks below Earth's surface.
The area on Earth's surface between two meridians where two people use the same time.
Connects points of equal elevation.
If a mineral breaks with smooth, flat is has...
Difference between contours that are next to each other is called...
Drawn as if you were looking down at an area from above Earth's surface
Earth's entire solid body.
The height above sea level on any point on Earth's surface.
Shows the surface geology of a mapped area.
The color of a mineral in powdered form.
The brittle, rocky outer layer of Earth
The distance in degrees North or South of the equator.
The dense metallic center of Earth.
The difference in elevation between the highest and lowest point of an area.
Land forms with high elevation and high relief.
Shows the detailed shapes of Earth's surface.
A member of a mineral group that has silicone and oxygen in it's crystal structure.
The rust and uppermost mantle into the rigid layer is called the...
A rare a attractive mineral that can be worn as jewelry.
The relationship between a distance on the map and actual distance on the ground
The distance in degrees East or West of the prime meridian.
Topographic features formed by the processes that shaped Earth's surface.
Drawn as is you were looking down from above Earth's surface.
The force that every object exerts on all other objects because of their masses.
Shaped like a ball with all points on the surface at an equal distance from the center.
The amount of mass in a material per unit volume.
Areas with low relief and high elevation
Land forms with low elevation an low relief