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5o ABC - Social Science - Planets

The ____ is the outermost rock layer of Earth. Human beings live here.
The ____ is the part of Earth that contains all of Earth’s rock.
The gas layer that surrounds the planet is called the ____. It is 1000 kilometres thick.
1000 kilometres of ____ surrounds Earth and allows us to respire.
Water in gas form is called (water) ____.
The core is the ____ part of the planet, as it is the hardest and the most solid.
The core has two ____.
The ____ contains Earth’s water in all forms.
The ____ is the softest and thickest rock layer of Earth. Human beings do NOT live here.
The hardest and innermost rock layer of Earth is called the ____.
The outermost layer of Earth’s core is called the ____.
Hale-Bopp is a ____.
A ____ is a group of planets in the same area that orbit around a star.
365 days is the time it takes for Earth to ____ around the sun.
All the celestial bodies, including Earth, have an elliptical-shaped ____.
Earth belongs to the ____ system.
Stars provide light and ____ energy, as they are very bright and very hot.
A star is an enormous ball of ____.
The satellite that orbits Earth is called the ____.
Our galaxy is called the ____.
Planets and asteroids are two types of ____ bodies.
The ____ is a ring of rocks that lies between Mars and Jupiter.
Earth’s orbit is between that of Mars and that of ____.
Pluto is a ____ planet.
Earth’s home star is the ____.