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Roots: Lesson 2 Vocab (and a little Sumer 2)

A specialized worker who made boats and chariots
Going around; not direct or straightforward
Someone who stomped on woven wool to make soft
Specialized worker who made soldiers' tunics
A terrible shortage that can cause starvation
The time between (n); only for a while; temporary (adj)
To come between others in order to solve a problem or resolve conflict
Bring needed water through canals, ditches, pipes
To agree with (someone or something); to happen together (at the same time)
A dry plain between the Tigris and Euphrates
Able to get along without conflict; able to go together
Person with whom one works professionally
Clear and understandable; making sense, sticking together
To go around (a problem or obsticle)
The state of being without emotional response (not feeling or caring)
A type of temple tower with a one room shrine at the top; large public building in Ur that showed how well it was organized
Deep hole or chasm; endless pit, "without bottom"; intense unpleasant mental state