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The Marriage of Isaac

Alleys Chapel Sunday School - October 28, 2018
Heir to covenant blessing
Rebekah descendant of this son of Noah
Section of Canaan where Isaac lived
This lesson is a story of_______
Accompanied Rebekah to Canaan
God appeared to Hagar here
Rebekah's father
Marriage viewed as a_________
Abraham's choice for covenant blessing
Relation of Rebekah to Abraham
Isaac's age at marriage
She carried the promise of the covenant
Sign to people of Ninevah
Mode of transportation for Rebekah to Canaan
God used this to cleanse the earth of sin
Number of camels the servant took with him
Third category of God's will
Used a fleece for a sign from God
Our free will is in tension with God's________
Arranged Isaac's marriage
Appox. gallons required for one camel
Time of day women went to the well