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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Introduction to Cells

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The endoplasmic _______ is a network of membranes that produces many substances.
A microscope that uses two lenses at once is called a/an _______ microscope.
The diffusion of water molecules across a selectively permeable membrane.
Clear, gel-like fluid that fills the region between the cell membrane and the nucleus.
A process that allows large particles to leave the cell.
Transport _____ "pick up" specific molecules and carry them across the membrane.
Sugars and starches are ______.
A plant's cell _____ helps protect and support the cell.
Makes food for cells using energy from the sun.
Stores water, food, waste products or other materials.
Where ribosomes are made.
Cell membrane consists mostly of _______.
Tiny cell structures that carry out specific functions within a cell.
Some microscopes use a beam of ______ instead of light.
Organs working together are called an organ _______.
The shape of DNA is a double ______.
The ______ Apparatus packages and distributes materials.
The process by which molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.
The cell _____ controls which substances pass into and out of a cell.
An instrument to make small objects appear larger.
Two or more elements chemically combined.
Grain-shaped organelles that produce proteins.
A group of proteins knows as _____ speed up chemical reactions in living things
Your brain, lungs and kidneys are examples of _____.
DNA is one kind of _______ ______.
The _____ convert energy stored in food to energy the cell can use.
The cell's control center.
The degree to which two separate structures that are close together can be distinguished is called ______.
Explanation of the relationship between cells and living things is the cell ________.
Organelle that breaks down food particles and worn out cell parts.
______ transport is the movement of materials across a cell membrane using cell energy.
In a multi-cellular organism, a group of cells working together.
The basic unit of structure and function in living things.