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Science Vocabulary Terms for the ACT #4

Teacher: Mrs. S. Vandervort
The quality of being exactly stated, exact arrangement
To figure out and tell beforehand
The way in which an action or actions is carried out
An observable fact or event
The act of noting and recording facts and events
Any qualities or measurements having the same fixed relationship
A pattern or figure of something to be made
A choosing of or liking for one thing rather than another
The best or most favorable degree, condition or amount
As small as possible in amount or degree
The parts or steps that make up a process or activity
A belief based on experience and on seeing certain facts
To carry out; accomplish
A model, guide or plan used in making things
The quality of being reasonably sure, but not certain of something happening or being true
The act of finding out the size or amount of something
As great as possible in amount or degree
A title, description, or key accompanying a figure or map
One who supports a cause
To make changes in something