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Chapter 3.4 What are Some Plant Adaptations?

How some seeds are carried or transported
The way a plant grows in response to a stimulus
Plants that can store large amounts of water
This system provides a way for plants to obtain water and nutrients
An example of a stimuli (p.120)
When a plant responds to touch
These type of plants have needle-like leaves
These plants are an example of ephiphytic plants
A way to develop new plants- just put the stem in water and roots will grow!
Many plants have to _____ to changes in their environment
Roots ____ the plant in the soil
Contains tube-like structures that carry water and food to all parts of the plant
This type of plant digest insects and live in wet areas
When a plant turns towards the light
When a plant reacts to gravity when it grows
Plants that do not grow roots in the soil
Are also known as epiphytes
Stems that grow below the ground, sometimes also called bulbs
An example of a stimuli (p.120)
____ and seeds are the main way that flowering plants reproduce
Fine, thread-like structures that support some plants