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ACT Science Glossary of Terms #6

Teacher: Mrs. S. Vandervort
A process by which the sunlight's energy, water, and carbon dioxide are transformed into sugar and oxygen
Vascular tissue found in plants that transports mostly sugar and water; can travel either "shoot to root" or "root to shoot."
The loss of electrons by a substance in a chemical reaction
A circuit with more than one path for the current to follow
The process by which the Earth's axis traces out a circle on the celestial sphere
The difference in electric potential energy per unit charge between two points. this is commonly called voltage.
The path an object takes as it travels around another in space
A large molecule made up of repeating units of one or more small molecules (monomers)
The study of the Earth's oceans
An organelle in a cell that contains all of the DNA and controls the functions of the cell
A property that can be observed without performing a chemical transformation of that substance
The location of an object in a coordinate system. Common units of measure are meters
The energy due to an object's position or state
A particle of light. A discreet amount of light energy where a single photon of light is the smallest unit of light energy possible
The distance from an object to a mirror or lens
The theory in which Earth's crust is made up of many plates that float on the mantle.
The smallest unit of DNA. There are five different types of these: adenine, guanine, thymine, cytosine, and uracine, the arrangement of genes is based directly on the specific arrangement of nucleotides.
A crescent shaped lake formed when a meander is cutoff from the river it was part of
A material that is plant or animal in origin
The time, often measured in seconds, for one complete repetition or rotation