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Plant Body Systems

Process where plants convert sunlight to food
Type of tissue in plants that protects
The xylem and phloem tissue make up the vascular system in plants which is similar to which system in animals
Type of tissue in plants that transports materials
Transports sugar throughout the plant
System in plants that absorbs nutrients from the ground
Made of leaves, stem, roots, and flowers in plants
Transports water from roots to stem
Plants can regulate how much _________ it has by opening and closing the stomata
Part of the plants leaves that allows it to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen
Plant organ that is the main site of photosynthesis
Xylem and phloem are which types of tissue
Type of tissue in plants that provides support and storage
Plant system that transports nutrients throughout entire plant
Plant organ that allows water and dissolved nutrients to enter
Plant organ that transports nutrients to all parts of the plant body and provides support to the plant