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North American Geography

Largest U.S. city
This body of water is bordered by Texas, Florida, Louisiana and two other states.
Largest mountain range in North America
Popular national park in Arizona
Deepest lake in the United States
Capital of the United States
One of the languages spoken in Canada
This ocean borders North America to the north.
State with the largest coastline
North America is bordered by this ocean in the east
Longest river in the United States
First state
Only U.S. state that is a collection of islands
This state shares the largest border with Mexico
Largest country in North America (square miles)
City in North America with the largest population
Oldest mountain range in the U.S.
North America is bordered by this ocean in the west
Last state to be admitted to the union
U.S. state with largest population
Number of states in the U.S.
Second most widely spoken language in the U.S.
Highest mountain peak in North America