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6th Grade Geography

The Average weather in a place over a long period of time
Another name for Mt. Mckinley , the highest point in the United States
An underwater plain that borders a continent
A region of reduced rainfall on one side of a high mountain
The Study of Earth and its peoples
The oldest, longest chain of mountains in the United States
The deepest location on Earth
Canada's largest metropolitan area
French-Speaking Province in Canada
An imaginary line that separates rivers that flow east to west and rivers that flow west to east
A region of parallel mountain chains
The set of beliefs, behaviors and traits shared among a group of people
The four major islands of the Caribbean are grouped together to form this
Rights you are born with
The number of babies born compared to the total number of individuals in a population at a given time
A giant ocean wave caused by volcanic activity or movement of the earth under the ocean floor
An imaginary line that is equally distant from the North and South Poles