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How a Bill becomes a Law

One option the President has when a bill comes to him
Procedure for ending debate in the Senate
Institution that exercises political control on behalf of a group of people
Draft of a proposed law
Group in the House that determine how much time will be given to debate a bill
The Senate's ability to speak as long as they want
Person who signs bills to make them laws
All bills are put on this so they can be discussed on the floor of the House
Both houses collectively are called this
Has the power to approve treaties
Made up of 435 members
Formal expression for a candidate
Requires a 2/3 vote of both houses
These type of bills must start in the House of Reps
The branch that makes laws
Piece of legislation approved by both houses and signed by President
Both houses of Congress have these and this is where bills go once introduced into Congress
To engage in formal discussion