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Atoms and Bonding - Chapter 4

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Nonmetal atoms become stable when they ___ or share enough electrons to have eight valence electron
An _____ is a mixture made of two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal.
Metal atoms react by _____ their valence electrons.
Ionic compounds have _____ melting points.
Molecular compounds are ______ conductors.
When a positive and negative ion bond, they form an ionic ______.
An electron _____ diagram includes the symbol for the element surrounded by dots.
Ionic solids are ______ that have an orderly, three-dimensional arrangement.
A chemical ____ is a group of symbols that shows the ratio of elements in a compound.
____ der Waals forces pull water molecules towards each other.
_____ is an alloy of iron.
Ions made of more than one atom are called ______ ions.
An ____ is an atom or group of atoms that has en electric charge.
A _____ bond is the attraction between a positive metal ion and the electrons surrounding it.
Metals conduct electric current easily because the valence electrons in a metal can move _____ among the atoms.
_____ is a polar molecule.
NaCl, _____ chloride is an example of an ionic compound.
An _____ bond is the attraction between two oppositely charged ions.
Hydrogen ______ its electron when forming compounds with other nonmetals.
A chemical _____ is the force of attraction that holds atoms together as a result of the arrangement of electrons between them.
Numbers called _____ tell the ratio of elements in a compound.
The chemical bond formed when two atoms share electrons is called a _____ bond.
When two atoms share two pairs of electrons, it forms a ______ bond.
When a neutral atom loses a valence electron, it loses negative charge and becomes a ______ ion.
Molecular compounds have ____ melting points and boiling points.
Group 13 elements have ___ valence electrons.
Ionic compounds conduct ____ current when dissolved in water.
The _____ electrons of an atom are those electrons that have the highest energy.
When writing the formula for an iconic compound, you start with the symbol for the _____ ion.
A covalent bond in which electrons are shared equally, is a ____ bond.
A _____ is a neutral group of atoms joined by covalent bonds.
A covalent bond in which electrons are shared unequally, is a ____ bond.
When a neutral atom gains an electron, it gains negative charge and becomes a ____ ion.