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Esau & Jacob and Joseph

Second-born son of Isaac and Rebekah
The sun, moon and 11 stars bowed down to Joseph
Jacob's 6th son
Jacob's 7th son
Traders to whom Joseph was sold as a slave
Jacob's 8th son
Tried to tempt Joseph against his wishes
Where Joseph was thrown by his brothers
She felt babies fighting within her womb
Who spoke to Jacob in a dream with a ladder on which angels were going between earth and heaven?
Rich Egyptian officer, captain of the palace guard
Jacob's 5th son
Jacob's daughter
First-born son of Isaac and Rebekah
Jacob's 10 son
Jacob's uncle whom he worked for for 7 years
Jacob had a many-colored robe made especially for Joseph
Had a dream in prison which foretold his death
First son born to Rachel and Jacob
Esau and Jacob
Jacob's 9th son
Laban's younger daughter whom Jacob loved
Had a dream in prison about a grapevine
Laban's older daughter who was to be married first
His brothers' sheaves of wheat bowed down to him
Jacob's oldest son
Esau's right to inherit his fathers' wealth as the first-born
Isaac gave to Jacob instead of Esau
Jacob's 2nd son
Last son born to Jacob by Rachel (died in childbirth)
Jacob's 3rd son
How many years Jacob worked to marry Rachel
Had a plan to go back and save Joseph from the well
Jacob's 4th son