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New Year Puzzle

Irish dancers with M and National Trust to dance for occasion (9,6)
King is largely inept with one in Paris (7)
Play much 20 about this, no hand (7)
Ten men leg it South and oddly provide clarity (15)
And 36: Illusion of a tie with iron, magnesium and argon (10)
Fight without the British is a bore (3)
A joke perverse for a lady (4)
Doctor 50% of 33 (2)
At first irritable politician is a rogue (3)
For a long time partly Lynn (3)
Ken without religious doctor makes a party (2)
Presidential rear? (4)
See 39
Demonstration and strength (5)
Boxing day activity with academics rent part of England (15)
Delight with english slogan (7)
An inundation initially must strangely be this (7)
Alternative including middle of potentiating act of calculating change (15)
And 32: I clean a dish and freshen up where we live (8,6)
Store is reset without charged group (7)
Bartender is more offside (3)
Is initially naughty, naughty and naughty (3)
And 11: We think on enlightened (2.3.4)
4 around 10 backing up to eastern ring (5)
And 25: Means to raise capital out of erring fights (6,8)
Bowl over upside down fruit (4)
See 5dn
My latin game, ads within (3)
See 39
See 18
Odd jam pot is suitable (3)
And 16: Be angry partially over triplet (3,3)
Tour popular place in mega Peugeot (3)
Much of this about 10?
See 7
Test Stoppard in reverse (3)
According to David he looks a scream and yet inclusive (4)
I'm a GI, rowdy, and folding paper (7)
See 1dn
Headless extra with obligation (4)
Partly fictional harm in Paris (5)
See 14
Draw with Ian's potato but without 28 (3)
And 15 and 28: It trots after absent engineers, quid quo pro? (3,3,3)