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St. Isaac Jogues

St. Isaac arrived back in New France at _____.
The town where St. Isaac was born.
St. Isaac was captured by the Iroquois the first time with Rene ______.
The nickname given to St. Isaac by the Huron.
Tribe who listened to the Catholic priests.
Tribe who didn't like the Catholic priests.
St. Isaac was captured by Iroquois the second time with Jean de ______.
_____ traders helped St. Isaac escape from the Iroquois.
St. Isaac read about missionaries around the world in the Jesuit _____.
St. Isaac went to a ______ school.
Father Jean de ______ told St. Isaac about the missions in New France.
Who St. Isaac wrote letters to while living in New France.
St. Isaac was killed by a ______.
Town in New France where St. Isaac got supplies for the mission.
In France, St. Isaac met the _____.