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French Revolution

Extreme pride for one's country
1% of population; made up of clergy
Name of Louis XVI's wife
Name of the palace built by Louis XIV using taxes of the people
Called together by Louis XVI to solve the problems in France
Term that defines where Louis XVI's power came from
Time period during which approx. 40,000 people were executed
2% of the population; made up of nobles
10% tax paid to the clergy
Leader that took over France following the French Revolution
Name of the device used for executions during the French Revolution
Name of the outdated political system ruled by the king before the French Revolution
Type of Leader that Louis XVI was
Symbol for the start of the French Revolution
Name of event that followed after Louis Xvi kicked the Nat'l Assembly out of their meeting hall
Name of the time period that sparked the French Revolution
Fancy term for the middle class in France
97% of the population; had no political power
What occurs when the needs of the people are not met
Country in which the French Revolution occurred