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Greek Art Classical Period

Which Aegean city was fortified to protect itself from invaders?
About 3,500 years ago, the city of __________, now called Santorini, was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.
Minoan cities were generally unfortified; on the other hand, the Mycenaeans constructed strongholds of megaliths called __________ to protect their palaces.
In the Harvester Rhyton the men might have been marching to the beat of a __________.
The word __________ means a part of a city on top of a hill.
The practice of painting and fitting marble sculpture with bronze accessories reflects the Greek's desire for art that shows a heightened sense of ________.
The __________ period is named for the influence of Egypt, the Near East, and Asia Minor on Greek art.
The earliest Greeks worshipped at sanctuaries with outdoor__________, near temples that sheltered a statue of the god.
The stones used in the citadel of Mycenae are so massive that they are called __________.
The Greeks preferred _________as a material for figurative sculpture because it allowed for complex action poses.
The beautiful black-figure vase of Dionysos with Maenads by the Amasis Painter exemplifies a vase shape called a(n) __________.
The beautiful Olpe (Pitcher) is decorated with stylized flowers called __________.
In about 1450 BCE, people called the __________, from mainland Greece, arrived in Crete and overtook the Minoans.
The sculpture Man and Centaur exemplifies the __________style.
_____________refers to presenting standing figures with opposing alternations of tension and relaxation around a central axis, a convention that dominates Greek Classical art.
Expressionism, or the artist's attempt to evoke a specific emotion from the viewer, is characteristic of which period of Greek Art?
Archeologists believe the intended destination for visitors to the citadel at Mycenae would have been the _________.
Following the 480 BCE defeat of the Persians by the Greeks, the statesman __________ convinced the Greeks to rebuild the Acropolis.
Although some Hellenistic artists emulated earlier Classical forms, an experimental anti-Classical trend emerged that was especially popular in the city of ___________.
Temple at Delphi was the sacred home of the Greek god ___________.