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Barbaro Vocabulary Ch. 1 - 10

Having a serious manner
Strong, healthy, and full of energy
Reins attached to a horse's bridle
To cause to pour back, to vomit
To try persistently to persuade
To pass or cause to pass easily through the air
To separate a baby from its mother
The father of an animal
The mother of an animal, such as a horse
Like hair and can often move in a rhythm
Extreme fear of confined spaces
A young male horse that has not been neutered
An extremely famous person
The extinct animal that is the ancestor of the modern-day horse
A tough band or tissue connecting two or more bones
A behavioral response in which a horse opens its mouth
One of the sounds a horse makes
A flaw that keeps something from being perfect
A doctor who treats animals
Horse with reddish brown color
Skill or expertise in a particular activity or field
A small field or enclosure where horses are kept
The large bone in a horse's leg.
A sickness that can be spread easily
A print with ink
To give strength or energy
A one-year-old horse
To neigh softly
A rope or long rein attached to a horse's halter
A vigorous struggle or scuffle
A young female horse before she has a foal