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Psychological Disorders 2

A diagnostic model that considers problems within an individual as indicating problems within the family
A diagnostic model that views psychopathology as the result of the interaction between individuals and their cultures
A disorder characterized by extremely elevated moods during manic episodes and, frequently, depressive episodes as well
Therapy that encourages people to fulfill their individual potentials for personal growth through greater self-understanding
A cognitive model of depression in which people feel unable to control events in their lives
A disorder characterized by disturbances in identity, in affect, and in impulse control
Therapy used to treat borderline personality disorder that combines elements of the behavioral and cognitive treatments with a mindfulness approach based on Eastern meditative practices
Developmental disorder characterized by deficits in social interaction, by impaired communication, and by restricted interests
Disorders that involve disruptions of identity, of memory, or of conscious awareness
An improvement in physical or mental health following a treatment that has no active component on the disorder being treated
A disorder characterized by severe negative moods or a lack of interest in normally pleasurable activities
False sensory perceptions that are experienced without an external source
A procedure that involves administering a strong electrical current to the person's brain to produce a seizure
Treatment based on the premise that behavior is learned and therefore can be unlearned through the use of classical and operant conditioning
A form of therapy that aims to help clients examine needs, defenses, and motives as a way of understanding distress
An anxiety disorder marked by fear of being in situations in which escape may be difficult or impossible
A disorder that involves frequent nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and flashbacks related to an earlier trauma