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John Adam's Presidency

Name: _____________________   Period: ____
The person who came in ________ in the number of electoral votes became vice president of the United States.
French foreign minister Talleyrand would discuss a treaty with the U.S. diplomats only in exchange for a $250,000 ______.
These members of the Democratic-Republican Party wanted to limit the federal government's power.
Federalists, angered by the Democratic-Republican's sympathy for France insulted them by calling them this name.
Fearing this, Adams asked Congress to expand the navy to a fleet of more than 30 ships.
Although Congress refused to repeal the Alien and Sedition Acts, Congress allowed the Acts to do this.
Many people, even those who opposed John Adams recognized his hard work, honesty and ___________.
The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions passed in 1798 and 1799, argued that the Alien and Sedition Acts were this.
Adams forced two of his cabinet members to do this after they tried to block his peace efforts with France.
What did the Republicans call John Adams that was a terrible insult to him (because he was so involved in the Revolution)?
After asking Congress to expand the navy, he also decided the United States should keep this type of army.
This French foreign minister would not speak the the three U.S. diplomats who were sent by the John Adams to negotiate a treaty to protect U.S. shipping.
This man was one of the key figures in the Federalists/North Party along with Alexander Hamilton and John Adams (two words).
A person who has managerial or policy-making responsibility for the writing and revision of content for a publishing firm.
This was where fighting broke out between France and the United States (even though Adams refused to declare war on France).
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison viewed the Alien and Sedition Acts as a _______ of the government's power.
________people in the cities tended to support the Federalists.
One of John Adams first goals as president was to improve this between the United States and France.
This party wanted a strong national government.
________ parties are groups that help elect people and shape policies in government.
This man was one of the key figures in the Republican/South Party along with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
John Adams lacked this quality that was so much a part of George Washington.
They chose this man as their candidate to run for president and represent the Democratic-Republican Party.
In 1798, the Federalist-controlled Congress passed four laws known as the ______ and Sedition Acts.
He helped create the Democratic-Republican Party with Thomas Jefferson.
The Alien and Sedition Acts were intended to do this to anyone opposed to the war.
To differ in sentiment or opinion from the majority.
The ____ affair, as the French demand for a bribe came to be called, outraged the American public.