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Set a Course for a (Brain) Healthy New Year

Upgrading recipes with this healthier ingredient keeps your gut healthy.
One way to keep your mind active.
This is sometimes called your second brain
Setting and achieving has been proven to help reduce depression.
Engaging in this activity can help prevent cognitive decline
Set goals to eat a healthier diet, exercise regularly and stay active with friends and family to prevent this from happening as you age.
Serotonin and dopamine play a significant role in this condition which can lead to cognitive decline
When setting goals, they should always be __________
You should also have a specific ________ associated to your goals.
How many time a week should you do aerobic exercise after the age of 65?
You should eat at least 6 servings of these every week to optimize brain health.
It is brain healthy to enjoy 3-4 ounces of this a day - enjoy it at your next social engagement.
Set a goal to eat at least ____ number of servings of blueberries a week to support lifelong brain health.
A term used to describe the brain's ability to learn new things and map out new ways of thinking.
The healthy fats from this animal protein support neuroplasticity.
What lies ahead of you?
Your gut stores most of this neurotransmitter, sometimes referred to as the "happy hormone."
One of the major neurotransmitters involved in setting and achieving goals.
Setting and achieving these helps ward off depression and even cognitive decline.
This fruit is high in tyrosine, which helps boost dopamine levels.
Goals should also be _________
This is the type of functioning the brain does when you set goals
Keeping your mind active as you age can help preserve this.
The right types of food play a major role in giving you more of this so you can stay active.