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The Cell Nucleus

by Scott
Programmed cell death.
Uracil is this type of base.
A 5 carbon sugar is also called this .
When meiosis is complete, a single cell produces this number of new cells.
A stage gap, called gap 0 may develop in this type of body cell.
This RNA is found outside of the nucleus in the cytoplasm.
This is the process of using RNA to synthesize protein.
In DNA, the adenine always pairs with this.
These structures carry all the information used to help a cell grow, thrive and reproduce.
Functional unit of heredity.
Animal cells reach this limit, and cannot divide further.
The goal of this process is to make an RNA copy of a gene's DNA sequence.
During the cell cycle, the cell's genetic material is stored as strands of a DNA protein complex known as this.
Base pairs bind each other with this type of bond.
This protein complex holds homologous chromosomes together so the exchange of genetic material is possible.
Gametes are considered these types of cells.
These structures help separate DNA during the M phase.
Each nucleus contains the entire _________ of an individual.
During cell division, cellular threads are also called mitotic _________.
In this phase, the chromosomes split and are pulled towards each centriole.
Most body cells are these; two complete sets of chromosomes.
Adenine and Guanine are these types of bases.
Within the nuclear membrane, these structures are required to regulate transport of macromolecules.
The nucleus creates this type of RNA for transcription.
Of the 5 basic phases in the cell's life cycle, this one is the normal or preparatory phase; metabolic activity.
In this phase of cell cycling, the chromosomes are lined up along the middle of the nucleus.
At the end of meiosis 1, one of two daughter cells continues, while the other is a non egg cell called this type of body.
These structures are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect chromosomes.
Pairs of chromosomes may exchange bits of DNA in a process called crossing over or this.
Monomers of nucleic acids are also called these.
The outer nuclear mrmbrane is continuous with the membrane of these structures; studded with ribosomes. Abbreviation only.
These small organelles exist in order to help the cell when it comes to divide.
Multiple linear DNA molecules are wrapped around these proteins.
RNA enzyme necessary which uses a single stranded DNA template for making a complementary strand of mRNA.
Type of chromosomes, that are similar but not identical chromosome pairs an organism receives from its two parents.
In this phase, chromosomes begin to unravel and new nuclear envelopes begin to appear.
These are forms of the same gene with minor differences in their sequence of DNA bases.
The message encoded in RNA is read in three letter words called these.