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Mother Earth or Father God

Author: Salsa
Nature. Our Creator 4bids us 2 worship the __. Romans 1
Spanish 4 "yes"
Paintings. __ attempts 2 capture God's creation on canvas
Improves. Gratitude __ my delight in God's designs
Review what I just perused
Prepare soil 4 seed
Debt tab note
Period. Elizabethan __
N. African desert
Harvest. We __ what we sow
Discard. __ atheistic evolution
Hawaiian 4 "woman"
Like, while
Who is responsible 4 my happiness?
Productive. God wants the earth & us 2 B __
Tropical bird w/big bill
Above. Look __ 2 C your Creator
Dog-loving Senator Kennedy
Puzzlement. Love all God's creation & U will perceive the divine __ in things. Dostoyevsky
Country dad. Ma & __ shop
Physical education (ab)
Bone frames. Many corporations have __ in their environmental closets
Academy award
Biblical high priest
Excursions. Exotic __ raise awareness of endangered species
Jesus. All things were made by __. John 1:3
Our planet. In the beginning, God made heaven & __. Genesis 1:1
Oriental drink
Asian country w/gurus, Ganges & Golden Temple
__ no!
Creation. __ can nurture our faith
Researchers. __ have discovered the same order of Creation as in the Bible
That is (ab)
Dutch spring bulb flower
Celestial lights. God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone but on trees & flowers & clouds &__. Luther
Unbelievers. __ refuse 2 C God in creation
Long period of time
Critter. God made each plant & __ reproduce after its kind. Genesis 1:12
Christ. It was in __ that all things were created in heaven & on earth. Colossians 1:16
Twist. Do not __ God's will by idolizing nature
Nature & Animals Federation (ab)
Writing instrument
Activities. If I tend 2 God's __, He'll tend 2 mine
Cruel coat material, except 4 animals
Merciful. We want others 2 B __ with us but R we __ with others?
Extra terrestrial (ab)
Life's end. If I walk through the valley of __, I will fear no evil b/c God is with me. Psalm 23
Hogwash (ab)
Exist. 2 __ or not 2 __
Consumers. Americans R big __ of fuel
Cause. There is no color in this world that is not intended 2 __ us rejoice. Calvin
Abraham's homeland or text 4 "you are"
Mineral & massage resort
Post script (ab)
Old Testament name 4 God, __ Shaddai
Chinese tennis star, __ Na
Ergo, there4
Either __