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John Chapter 15

What do you do with branches that bear no fruit?
I have told you this so that my joy will be _______.
What can no branch do by itself?
What does a servant not know?
What will be done if you remain in me and my words remain in you?
What did they do without reason?
Jesus not only chose us....he _______ us.
What did they do to Jesus that they will also do to you?
According to 15:1, what is the Father?
According to 15:5, what are you?
What happens to the branch that is thrown away?
Greater love has not one than to lay down what?
What do they not have when it comes to their sin?
What is Christ's command?
What does the world do to Jesus and those who are in Him?
According to 15:1, what is Jesus?
What do you do to branches that bear fruit?
What happens to withered branches?
Pruning causes trees to be what?
According to 15:5, I AM is what?