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Waste Economics and LCA

1/2 of one of three laws
An objective of circular economic policy
Forms part of the final agreement
Pricing for this rooted in petroleum
Extraction, manufacturing, and use are life cycle _______
Pricing related to ore
Government intervenes to restart economy
Not a product of LCA
Prisoner's Dilemma illustrates choices facing these
A time of economic expansion and peak
One of three laws
Limited resources and unlimited needs
Caused by senior gov't funding changes
Central bank policy
One of three laws
Energy and materials are life cycle _______
Resource competitor of glass
One phase uses the results of the previous
Measures change over time of goods and services
Intended and unintended effects in economy
An LCA approach allowing comparability
These are life cycle outputs
Consumers are confident during this
When governments cut taxes
Strategy where other strategies arrive at the same decision
Demand outstrips supply at this time
Could be profits, market share, etc
Organic side of CE, by another name
Forms part of the final agreement
Their value rises and falls
Info as a scarce good
Provides an organized approach to resolving issues
Where responsibility for goods transfer
Most basic oligopoly
Where municipalities get most of their $
Elected officials execute this policy
A measure of economic performance
People stop spending
Subjectivity recognizes buyer ___________
Avoid passing this to a service provider (or pay more!)
With "unit" is a relative measure
A decision-making framework
1/2 of one of three laws
Producer takes full financial responsibility
The four "Powers" in a restorative economy