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Science Contract

Chapters 8 and 9
Squeezing stress
Molten rock that erupts onto Earth's surface
Energy that travels as vibrations on and in Earth
Molten rock below Earth's surface
Stress that pulls something apart
Waves that cause particles to move up and down at right angles to the direction of the waves
A graphical illustration of seismic waves
The downward vertical motion of the Earth's surface
The balance between the continental crust and the denser mantle below it
A change in the shape of rock caused by stress
A location inside the Earth where seismic waves originate and move along the fault
The fastest moving seismic waves
A scientist who studies earthquakes
A vent in the Earth through which molten rock flows
Cause particles to move up and down in a rolling motion
The vibrations in the ground that result from movement along breaks in the Earth's lithosphere
The upward vertical motion of the Earth's surface
An instrument that measures and records ground motion; can be used to determine the distance seismic waves travel
A break in Earth's lithosphere where one block of rock moves toward, away from, or past another
The location on Earth's surface directly above the earthquake's focus
Parallel forces pulling in opposite directions