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Parts of Speech & Sentence types

Type of sentence that asks a question
Joins or connects words, groups of words, or sentences
Sentence that expresses strong emotion
Modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb
Noun/pronoun that follows a linking verb and identifies, renames, or explains the subject
Part of a sentence about which something is being asserted or stated
Individual name
Asserts action, being or existence
Noun which follows another noun and explains or identifies it
Word/words that assert or state something about the subject
Sentence that simply expresses a statement
Adjective that follows a linking verb which describes the subject
Sudden expression of feeling or emotion, not grammatically connected to sentence
Person, place, thing, activity or idea
Adjective used to limit a noun
Connective word that expresses relation of meaning
Modifies a noun or pronoun
Type of sentence that expresses command
Used instead of noun or name to avoid repetition