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French Revolution/ Napoleon

Use your textbook pages162 -172 to correctly fill in the puzzle.
Olny thing that allowed the Directory to maintain power.
Class divisions in France
City in Austria where royals met to reclaim their thrones.
Prison in France associated with the King's power
King of France
Machine used to end the lives of many French men during the Reign of Terror.
Another name for Nobles.
Leader of the Committee of Public Safety
When power is seized by an individual or group.
Where all Estates meet
Radical group in the National Convention
Five man group that lead France after Reign of Terror.
France was unable to pay creditors.
Place of Napoleons last defeat.
People who had titles in French society
Place of Napoleons first exile.
Place of Napoleon's second exile
Members of the Third Estate
Place that became one of Napoleon's downfall.
Members of the First Estate