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Sort 42 - Latin Roots

Teacher: Jamie
A person who loves books
Meaning 'book'
To judge someone (or something) before you know them (or it)
The system of law in a country
You can read it
To make a final decision
A list of books used for help in a piece of work
Meaning 'law'
To show loyalty or commitment to a group or cause
The manner of doing something, or the manner by which something is done
Meaning 'measure' or 'manner of doing'
A caption or key
To form a wrong opinion or conclusion
A person sent to (legally) represent others
You are allowed to do it (without breaking the law)
A special right given to an individual or group
Make changes to improve something
To make a decision in a matter of dispute
To make or enact laws
You can't read it
Meaning 'to read'
Relating to the Bible
Up to date
Not too little and not too much
To change something to make it different
What you leave behind after your death
Meaning 'to judge'