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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Ch 11 The Lessons of Judaism

This forced Israelites to flee from Canaan to Egypt
An early name for Jewish people
Holds the Ten Commandments; brought to Jerusalem
The escape of the Israelites from Egypt.
Egyptians did this to the Israelites
Moses parted this by raising his staff and the Israelites crossed safely. Also known as the Sea of Reeds.
Laws given to Moses by God.
Isaac and Rebecca's son
Where Abraham first lived
Examined by historians
Rival people at war with the Israelites
Torah means...
United the Israelites in a new kingdom
David's son, built the first temple in Jerusalem, known for his wisdom
The first religion based on worshipping one God
Abraham's wife
David made this the capital city.
Abram's new name given by God.
David created this and gave the new Kingdom of Israel its own army, courts, and officials
What the Israelites were originally called
Isaac's wife
Abram made a covenant with __________.
Jacob's sons made up Israel's 12 __________.
Jacob's name was changed to _________.
The language the Torah scrolls were written in
Mountain of God
Abraham means _________ __ ______.
An agreement or promise
An inherited or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior
Ur was located in modern day _____
Israel's FIRST king
Abraham and Sarah's son
Judaism's most sacred text